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He’s a London based singer/songwriter who is friends with Ed. 
(This is them performing together, feat. Ed yawn :P)
Anyway, Adam has a new EP coming out soon and he has released a few tracks in advance. They. Are. AWESOME! 
Please click HERE to check ‘em out. Share ‘em with your mates, embrace them and dream about them at night :D 

(“Sons And Daughters” is my absolute favorite so go give it a listen and message me so we can fangirl together!)


So this week we had a chinwag with the charming Adam Wedd, a musician from Kent.

HI ADAM! How are you?

I’m very well thank you!

What are the best 3 words to sum you up?

Probably… A bad dancer. I’m a really bad dancer. Total dad dancing.

So, what’s your favourite dance move?


Tonight I got very angry. In the words of Mrs Potato-head at the end of Toy Story , I didn’t forget my angry eyes.

The largest challenge I’ve had in recent months is learning how to challenge the bad behaviour of some of our members, but to still keep an open door policy. For example, take the story of 3 boys who before Christmas were band for 3 months for vandalism and aggressive abusive behaviour to our staff and volunteers. Whilst they were band from being at the cafe during opening hours, I met with them 4 times in my office to talk about their behaviour, how they were and gradually they began to understand the consequence of why their behaviour was so destructive. They also love rap music, so together we began to plan the early stages of a Version 1 Mix tape for the youth cafe. they lads have designed logos, written lyrics and are working towards recording their track alongside some of the cafes singer-songwriter types later in the Easter holidays . I can tell you that there is ALOT of talent in this community. May I also share that like anybody who creates something meaningful using an artistic expression, they have begun to understand themselves, their lives’ purpose and who they are, their identity. I can relate to this also. Art ( whether it be sung, drawn, written or other) has such a phenomenal mysterious was of helping us to articulate the invisible. Something which Alan Kaplan said of his socal work textbook of the same name!

Tonight I had to ban 4 young people for continuously bad behaviour. I don’t even mind the bad behaviour; it was about the lack of willingness to engage with myself or other staff. My challenge is to still pursue them, invite them to my office for a hot chocolate, with marshmallows. All the while attempting to see through to who they really are and who they could become, helping them to reflect on their behaviour a little along the way. If you’re the praying type, please send some prayers up and across for us.


I manage the youth cafe in the basement of a theatre. It’s an amazing space for all young people of all ages (11-18 yrs.) and every demographic, postcode and school. We have nearly 200 members with a footfall of whole lot more. There’s usually always a buzz about the place. It’s a space for young people to hang out, play pool, XBOX, use the IPADS or computers to do homework C.V’s etc, as well as have a chat with one of our youth workers. We also run events like band nights, open mic nights, quiz nights, ready steady cook etc and we are very fortunate to have lots of partners such as the local council, NHS, Connections as well as an amazing Youth work charity called SAYT ( Sevenoaks Area Youth Trust )

Warming up ’ the Voice ’ for ITV Studios

In all seriousness, I felt absolutely privileged to be able to be there. The song I ended up playing tells the narrative of a generation who long for the spotlight, yearn for recognition and fame not as a by-product of achieving something great, but for the limelight itself.

For me, it felt very symbolic to be able to film at the studios, but not auditioning for the show but simply singing the same songs that I sing at home, with my wife & daughter, to my friends and share with the community I move in.

What if we all used the talents, gifts, skills and qualities we’ve been gifted with, not to attain fame, status or wealth, but simply to use them to bless the small circles we move in ? As my Dad & I have often talked, there is a fine line between confidence & arrogance, but surely all of us can be confident that we all have something great to bring the homes, families, communities in which we live? Whether we’ve trained as a bricklayer, plumber, Doctor or postman or whether we’ve become good listeners to people who need to air how they feel, we’re all built to shine.   If as a result our stories are amplified by TV and Radio, fab. But where’s the good purpose in simply aiming for the masses with no substance ?

It seems to me that we each need to find out what it is we do well, and keep doing it, encouraging each other to do ‘that’ thing that we know they do well, to bless, set free , exhort, encourage - that all our communities may become more wholsome, healthy and functional.

I look forward to sharing the song with you some time over the next month.

love Ad xx

                                             NEW WINE + WEDD WINE 

WOW - I can’t believe we have reached the 90 % target . Most of you will know that I work full time as a youth worker and this project has really been an experiment to see how art and community can cohexist ; inspiring , shaping and informing each other . This EP is very much about some of the people that I’ve had the pleasure of working, living and growing with.

So if you’ve pledged already, thank you so much, you have forever been part of something extremely special to me. It goes to show what can happen if you take a risk, step out to try and achieve something and ask audaciously , other people to jump in with you! If you haven’;t pledged yet, you can get a copy of the 6 track EP digitally for only £5 ( bargain, less than £1 a track!) or you can get something a little more unique, bespoke and tailor made ( See below)


You get access to nearly 40 videos, blog and free song downloads as well as 6 brand new songs all for a fiver - bargain! -


There are still a few copies of my Debut EP ’ People, Places & Things ’ available on a limitted edition vinyl. Click here to get yours


You can also get a ticket to my Pledge gig with a CD thrown in by clicking here


Or if you’re feeling like you may like to try something extra special , I am brewing 6 bottles of Wedd Wine. Every bottle comes with download of the EP , click here for the most bargainous punaclious bottle of wine you’ve ever tasted!



It’s now officially confirmed that I’ll be leading the house band for the New Wine Festival at Bath & Weston Showground . If you’re there I’ll be in the Soul Action Cafe every night with my band of merry men!


I’m being featured as part of a complication Album for new and upcoming artists. This is part of the record label 86th Floor Records. More info to follow as we get it in. I’m very excited that I get to work with a few very good friends on this one!

Every day I live, I think I’m more thankful for the people who have and continue to invest in me. It’s from this place that I long to conduct my youth work. As an investor in young people, here and now as well as into the future. With my music I intend to write songs that articulate the ups and down of lifes’ journeys - not just of myself, but of others I meet along the way, hoping , lamenting and jesting as I do so.

Until next time,

I bid thee goodnight / gooday ( depending upon when you read this :)

love that Blonde Man xx



WEDD STYLE INSTAGRAM - no airbrushing allowed

Taking a photo is an amazing thing. Why do we do it?

For me , taking a photo is about capturing a piece of reality , framing something that needs to be seen and said . Not that we may come to grow in knowledge of what things look like, but…


I used to play music with a bunch of talented, amazing people and friends. They called themselves the Independents. This was after sitting in a pub one day with good friend Tim whilst thinking of band names. If the newspaper on the table had been the Sun then we would have been ’ Adam Wedd & the Sun ’ / ’ Adam Wedd & the Daily Mail ’ - you see what we did there .

As of late I’ve been reflecting on the name Independents, after all - names are incredibly important. They have the ability to speak words of truth of someone or a situation, so much care must be taken when naming anything as they can be incredibly prophetic .

Independents gives the impression that it’s everyone in it for themselves, individuals striving for something. My experience of life over the past 10 years has been nothing like that. I am EVERYTHING I am today because of the friends, family and strangers that have taken the time and cost to invest in me as I know I too have had the privilidge to invest in the lives of others. I have come to learn that I have certain skills and qualities which are good. I have also come to learn that I have a great lack of skills and many blind areas, for which I am so greatful for the people around me, (some who love me, some who don’t ) who are able to increase my vision with what they are able to see that I can not.

I put it to you that the name Adam & the Interdependents would be a much more appropriate band name should we ever reunite for the greatest hits world tour :)

I have come to know of the haunting but releasing truth of just how much I am in the humble need of other’s input into my lives.

In a strange sort of way it has set me free.

Surely we’re much more equipt to face the world, fighting back to back .

love Ad xx

*photos taken by Luke Das at the Adam Wedd Pledge Party Kingston Upon Thames December 2012


It’s time to get a little bit ‘vulnerable!’ ( which I learnt after dinner with good friends last night is a less manly way of saying ‘Brave’)

I’ve found in my short existence  on the planet, that there are alot of things that try and steal my joy.  Joy is noticeably different to fun- it’s the ability to make sense of the bad stuff that happens to us, around us, to people we love and to keep living ANYWAY.

Those that know me will know that I love meeting people, engaging in good hearty wholesome conversation and engaging with ideas. 

 I recently left working for an organisation what do you do when somebody doesn’t want to engage with you, cooporate with you or perhaps even like you? A good friend gave me some very good advice saying ” If your hurt and sorrow towards that person are like bricks that get built up dividing you and the other, then you are responsible for dismantling your side of the wall. Each brick is made up of a particular way that person may have hurt you, but what good is this wall going to do in the long run?” . So I did, I worked hard at learning how to forgive this person and I was ready, to re-engage. But then I was disgruntled when I discovered the other person hadn’t yet dismanted their wall. Perhaps they weren’t ready, didn’t know how to or just didn’t want to. Either way I learnt that I could not control the other, and that it’s more dignifying and loving to give space to the other. A forced relationship isn’t relationship at all.  So there you have it, this song is wrestling with how we lived in those unresolved places with people whom we may never be reconciled to this side of eternity. 

So I’ve learnt it takes courage to live in that place of knowing I’ve done and are still ready to do whatever it takes to reconcile, but to live in the waiting, the hoping - all the while wishing blessings and freedom and success to the other. Ready to engage should the time come back around..


I’ve always been very fortunate in most of my Youth work jobs, I’ve had the most amazing Bosses to look up to , who inspire me , help me understand boundaries, and have ALWAYS given me permission to dream.  One welsh youthworker jedi in particular used to always close our line management meetings with “take risks, not care!” .  His thoughts were that it’s in the stepping out, the challenge, the risk that growth is found, not in a place called ‘comfortable’  ( a nod to Pip Wilson there :) .

This pledge project for me is a massive risk. It’s a risk on my time - that it will take alot of energy, on my talents - should I be pouring my musical skills into something else? and my pride. What if the pledges aren’t forfilled ? The whole thing is trusting that other people will be inspired enough to part with their hard earned cash, to invest in something worthwhile, grass roots up that’ll they’ll be able to see flourish in some sort of way , inspiring others in the tens, hundreds of maybe thousands. Often we do need to take care, but what do you need to take a risk in?

Every day I wake up and try to engage with the adventure that is my life, with the people I’ll meet, the ones I already know, and to meet the challenge of meeting their needs and having a flipping good laugh along the way.

What if , within our finate limitted human condition, we can see and know a certain amount of the facts. But what if sometimes we have to step up, take an evidence based leap of faith, to see what may happen.  But if we’re able to do that even for a moment, perhaps what we’ll see may be greater than we even imagined .

Thank you for reading my rambling thoughts…

Take risks.

Adam xx

PS- if you’re an Office manager / Health and Safety inspector or chief risk assessment person, this blog comes with a health warning.